How I am using Free Trade to learn more about investing.

One of my goals for this year is to learn more about investing, it is something that I have wanted to look into for a while but I have been nervous. I am worried that I will loose a lot of money which would put me off. That was until I found Free Trade. IContinue reading “How I am using Free Trade to learn more about investing.”

Saving challenges are good for me!

We all remember the meme of the little boy shouting at his nanny saying “Bacon is good for me” well I am like that child, but for me I am cradling my budget folder shouting “saving challenges are good for me!” I love saving challenges! I have become addicted to them over the last fewContinue reading “Saving challenges are good for me!”

The Apps I use to help me earn some extra cash!

I get so many questions about the apps I use to earn some extra cash so I thought I would share them. I have shared my survey apps before but this is all of my app apps, surveys, cashback sites etc. !Quick Disclaimer this post does include referral links/code that will earn us both points/money!Continue reading “The Apps I use to help me earn some extra cash!”