How to talk to your partner about money

Talking about money can be difficult for anyone but talking to your partner can be so difficult. Many people are scared to talk about their debt or lack of savings with their partner out of fear or shame. I was the same, I was so worried telling my partner about my finances, my lack ofContinue reading “How to talk to your partner about money”

How to meal plan to save money every week!

I used to hate meal planning, I thought it was pointless and a waste of time. Oh boy how wrong was I! Meal planning and meal prepping has saved me so much money especially when I am working. On average I could spend up to £10 a day on meals and snacks for work, thisContinue reading “How to meal plan to save money every week!”

How to prepare your budget for end of lockdown!

Finally we can see signs that lockdown is hopefully over, but if your like me maybe you are worried about your finances and how they might take a hit once things open back up again. I have been able to save money each month due to the UK being shut down, not going to theContinue reading “How to prepare your budget for end of lockdown!”