Attapoll Review – Is it worth it?

We are all looking for more ways to earn money but have you ever thought of using survey apps?

I will be sharing my honest review about many different survey apps so you can decide if surveys are the way forward to making some extra cash.

What is Attapoll?

Attapoll is a survey site that allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home. All you need is a phone, internet and your ready to go.

Attapoll connects you to a wide range of companies and organisations that are looking for your reviews and opinions. You can answer questions about anything from what your favourite Online store is to what you ate for breakfast.

If you turn your notifications on you will get notified each time a survey is available on your phone.

The good:

This app is easy to set up, once you sign up and complete the profile surveys you can be earning money within minutes.

You can select the maximum length of survey you would like to complete, so if you only want short and sweet surveys you can. But if you fancy sitting through a long surveys you can as well.

As I have mentioned before you can allow your phone to receive notifications so you have access to the surveys quickly. The better paid surveys can reach their quota quickly so having this feature means you will be more than likely selected.

Cash out is via PaypPal once you reach £3 and £2.50 to a Revoult account. Cash out is instant and can be in your chosen account within minutes.

The bad:

Sadly with every good point their can be bad points, although I haven’t had many bad experiences with Attapoll I have had a few.

Unfortunately, some of the surveys can pay terribly, 10p for a 15 minute long survey is not great. And often you can be removed from surveys if you do not meet the requirements that the company needs.

I will be honest this does not happen to me often on this app but when it does it can be so frustrating. When completing surveys you need to make sure that you are paying attention, as companies do analyse the way you answer and will throw in attention checks.

How much money can you make from this app?

Some weeks I can cash out 3 or 4 times it depends how much time I dedicate to it.

As I have been on furlough this year, so I have had plenty of more time at home, I have earned on average £10 per week which for a survey app is a lot!

But it does depend on the time you give to this app, remember cash out is £3 so you need to work hard to reach the cash out amount. If you check your phone every now and then, it will be much more difficult for you to earn as much.

Is it safe?

There are so many worries when using survey sites that your data is safe. Attapoll is owned by Attapoll LTD which is a British company based in London. You can find many reviews online praising this app.

I personally have never had any issue with my personal information, this app does not provide you with any spam etc so for me it has been safe.

Final review: Is it worth it?

In one word Yes!

If you are like me and have a lot of spare time on your hands during lockdown, then this is the app for you. When your sat watching TV you can answer surveys and it is so worth it!

Just bare in mind that you won’t earn hundreds of pounds per week but you can earn some extra cash whilst staying at home.

I hope this post has given you more information on this site and how you can use it to save some extra cash.

I do have a link that you can use below, I earn 50p for every person that signs up once you complete 5 surveys. So thank you if you do use my link.

Here is my link to Attapoll:

I will be sharing over the next few days other survey apps that you can use to earn some extra cash!

Make sure to check out my Instagram for updates on my journey!

Shoppix- How I make money from my receipts

If you have been following me for a long time then you will know that I love finding ways to make some extra cash. And one of the ways I do this is by earning points on my receipts.

Check out my previous post where I share everything you need to know about another amazing receipt app called STOREWARDS!

!! DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by Shoppix I just love this app!!

What is Shoppix?

Shoppix is an app that you can use to earn money on your receipts. You take pictures of your store receipts and online orders.

You can cash out via paypal, amazon vouchers and many more

How do I earn tokens?

For every receipt you snap in Shoppix, you get 25 tokens. If you snap it on the same day you made the purchase, you get a bonus of 5 tokens. So for most receipts, you’ll get 30 tokens.

You can also win scratchcards that will often give you more tokens. You earn these scratchcards by reaching a new level or by answering surveys about your purchases.

How do I snap a receipt?

Use the onscreen instructions on how to take a picture of your receipt. Just make sure that the name of the store, time, date and the items you purchased are clear.

What can I earn from this app?

You can earn gift cards or cash via pay pal. Take a look bellow to see how many tokens you need to reach before you can cash out.


£5 = 3200 tokens

£10 = 6000 tokens

£20 = 11500 tokens


£5 = 3200 tokens

£10 = 6000

£20 = 11500


£5 = 3200

£10 = 6000

£20 = 1500


£5 = 3200

£10 = 6000

£20 = 11500

This app is well worth downloading and is available on the apple store or google store. I save mine up all year round and I use them to help us save money at Christmas.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading!


Emergency Fund: You need one in your budget!

This past year has been tough for everyone and if there is one thing I have learned from 2020 is how important it is to have an emergency fund!

You never know when an emergency can arise, whether it’s your car or home repairs it can cost a lot of money which you don’t have spare.

2 years ago I was in a car accident, I was fine but my car wasn’t! The repairs on my car cost over £1,000 and I did not have this money saved. Which meant I had to put this on my credit card which left me in debt.

Since then I have learned my lesson and I now have an emergency fund, it isn’t fully funded but I am in a better position than I was 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you prepare you can never avoid emergencies and having an emergency fund is one of the best ways you can avoid using your savings or even getting yourself into more debt.

What is an Emergency Fund?

An emergency fund is money that you set aside for emergencies, this money isn’t used to buy yourself clothes etc it’s for emergencies only!

This fund shouldn’t be used as a long term saving pot, but rather one that you treat as a safety net, so don’t be tempted to dip into it.

During the pandemic my emergency fund has helped so much, I had to get my car repaired a few months ago and having this money available allowed me to pay it off without having to use any of my savings.

I get so many questions about if I think this fund is worth it and the simple answer is yes! When you are starting out on your budget it will help you so much so I can’t recommend this enough.

How much do I need in an emergency fund?

According to from their report in March 2016, it is recommended that you have between one and two weeks take home pay as buffer. This is roughly £400-£800. However an emergency fund should allow between 6-9 months of expenses which is roughly £1,000 a month. (See quote bellow)

“It recommends keeping between one week’s and two weeks’ take-home pay as the buffer. Translated to the UK, this would mean saving between roughly £400 and £800. An emergency fund should allow for between six and nine months of expense, it adds. If these were to come to £1,000 a month, that’s between £6,000 and £9,000.”

At the moment I aim for £1,000 to cover repairs and expenses on my car. I live at home so I am in a lucky position and I do not need to that much money. However, next year my boyfriend and I are planning on buying a house.

So we are going to start building up our emergency fund in January when we work out how much on average our expenses are going to be.

I would recommend starting small, with a few months’ worth of expenses before you build up to 1 years’ worth.

Where should I keep my emergency Fund? Cash or savings account?

It is entirely up to you! But your emergency fund needs to be easily accessible. Don’t leave it in an account that you can’t access.  

My emergency fund is in a savings account in my bank account, I am able to withdraw the money within seconds and use it.

However, you will need to have some self-control and not use it for just anything.

For me this fund is at the bottom of my homepage on my online banking, it’s easy to access but it is not something I can see all the time.

When should I use my Emergency Fund?

The only time you should remove money from this fund is for emergencies, not to pay for clothes, holidays or nights out.

It’s used for home repairs, car repairs and paying bills if you lose your job or some of your income.

It is difficult to decide what an emergency is, but the way I view it, if it’s something that you need in order to survive or get to work then use this fund. But this doesn’t include buying shoes, clothes and makeup.

But don’t be afraid to use it if you need it!

How Do I Save For My Emergency Fund?

The most important thing is to create a plan to decide where you want to start. You need to determine how many months you want to be covered.

The best place to start is with one month, write down all your essential bills and expenses. Once you have this figure you can decide how much you’re going to save each month.

If you have lost your job or have your income reduced then you may have to make scarifies and remove your favourite entertainment subscriptions to pay for your essential bills and expenses.

Essential bills and expenses:

  • Mortgage/ rent
  • Heating, Water, electric
  • Car insurance
  • Council Tax
  • TV
  • Insurance (Life, home etc)
  • Groceries (toiletries etc)
  • Petrol

There are many more but this is just a brief reminder.

One thing to remember is that you need to build this fund up quickly, so it may be worth slowing down other savings goals whilst you build this up.

Always set up and instant bank transfer and include it your monthly budget. For my fund I put £100 away each month for me this is enough but I know when we move I will need to up this.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine what it will feel like having a fully funded emergency fund! It is a great feeling, when an emergency arises you will have the money their ready without effecting your savings or putting you in more debt.

I would recommend starting this fund before you starting paying off lots of debt and savings. This fund will give you a peace of mind!

Start small and build up, once you have a month saved work up to a few months and so on.

Have you got an emergency fund? If not what are you waiting for!