Saving challenges are good for me!

We all remember the meme of the little boy shouting at his nanny saying “Bacon is good for me” well I am like that child, but for me I am cradling my budget folder shouting “saving challenges are good for me!”

I love saving challenges! I have become addicted to them over the last few years, every month I take part in some form of saving challenge.

For me they are great way to save little bits along side my main saving goals, they also help me reduce my spending.

But there are so many saving challenges out there so which ones are the best?

Well keep reading as I will be sharing my favourite challenges!

20p Challenge

I love this challenge, I found it many years agoand have been doing it ever since.

In 31 days you can save £99.20 (I always round it up to £100) this challenge is perfect for getting you into the habit of saving daily. You can do this challenge in two ways:

Start at day 1, you put away 20p

Day 2 you put away 40p

Day 3 you put away 60p

and so on, you simply go up by 20p per day until on day 31 you put away £6.20!

You can also do this backwards:

Day 1 you put away £6.20

Day 2 you put away £6.00

Day 3 you put away £5.80

and so on, until day 31 is 20p.

Doing it backwards is really handy if you are paid at the end of the month, at the beginning of the month we have more money so starting out with the larger amounts will make this more manageable.

You do not have to complete this tracker with months that only have 31 days in, you can do it all year round like I am. On day 30 simply put away day 30 and day 31.

Money Monday (@lottiebudgets)

This challenge is created by the lovely Lottie from @Lottiebudgets (Please go and check her out) she created not 1 but 3 saving challenges to do on a Monday!

  • Money Monday Save £450 in 21 weeks
  • Money Monday Quarterly save £500 in 13 weeks
  • Mini Money Monday save £200 in 8 weeks

Simply pick which amount you would like to save and every Monday tick off a amount. Lottie has all the trackers you need over on her page so make sure you go and check them out.

For the last few months I have been doing the Mini Money Monday as I am on less pay so for me this is much more manageable and I love it! I do this challenge along side my other saving challenges.

Fiver Friday

Fiver Friday is a simple as that, you put £5 away each Friday. This is perfect to help you save up for someones birthday or even a pot just for yourself.

If you do this challenge all year round you can save £265, so this a great challenge to help you save for Christmas or weekends away.

I have been doing this challenge for a few weeks and I used my money to buy mothers day presents so it is well worth it!

1p Challenge

I love this challenge! You save for 365 days! I first discovered this challenge on the one and only Skint Dad website.

You simply save up your pennies following his tracker and you can save over £600 in 1 year!

Having an extra £650 at the end of the year is a massive help and you can start this challenge at any point in the year, just make sure you do it for 12 months.

52 Week Challenges

There are so many year long challenges out there, which means you have to put money away each week and they are brilliant.

You can save £10,000 in 52 weeks, take a look at the images below to find some 52 challenges that could work for you!

I can’t recommend saving challenges enough, to help you get into the mindset of saving money each day, week or month.

What are your favourite saving challenges? Let me know!

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The Apps I use to help me earn some extra cash!

I get so many questions about the apps I use to earn some extra cash so I thought I would share them.

I have shared my survey apps before but this is all of my app apps, surveys, cashback sites etc.

!Quick Disclaimer this post does include referral links/code that will earn us both points/money!

Survey Apps:

I have spoken about survey apps so many times so I won’t go into to much detail but here are the survey apps I am using at the moment!

  • Qmee: Cash out is 1p via PayPal (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Attapoll: Cash out is £3 via PayPal (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Streetbees: You earn money for each survey complete and approved via PayPal (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Curious Cat: Cash out is £1 via PayPal (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Prolific: Cash out is £5 via PayPal (Website only)
  • Appinio: Cash out is £10 via Amazon gift card (Available to download on apple store and google store)

If you are interested in any of these apps then check out the links below to start making some money!

Qmee: Using my link we will both receive 50p when you complete your first survey >

Attapoll: Using my referral code yylyt you will receive 40p and I will get 20p

Streetbees: Using my code 7758XGE you can earn extra cash!

Appinio: Using my code 1372db and you will receive 1600 coins when you reach level 14

Prolific: No referral offer >

Cashback apps:

Cash back apps are a great way to earn money back on either your online shopping or in store shopping.

You do need to spend money in order to use the cash back offers but it is worth it.

  • Shopmium: Earn cash back or money off your grocery shopping (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Green Jinn: Earn cash back or money off your grocery shopping (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Checkout Smart: Earn cash back or money off your grocery shopping (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Quidco: Earn cash back on online orders include house hold bills (Available to download on apple store and google store)

If you are interested in any of these apps then check out the links below.

Receipt Apps:

I have two receipt apps that I use. You simply take pictures of your receipts and you can earn points that you can cash out for cash via PayPal or Amazon gift vouchers.

  • STOREWARDS: Take pictures of your in store and online receipts (Available to download on apple store and google store)
  • Shoppix: Take pictures of your in store and online receipts (Available to download on apple store and google store)

If you are interested in any of these apps use my links below!


Shoppix >

These are the apps that I use to help me earn some extra cash!

What ones do you use?

How to make money by selling your unwanted items on ebay!

Do you have a lot of unwanted clothes or items in your home? Are you saving for something special or paying off debt? Then why not start selling your stuff on eBay!

I have been selling on eBay for years but I would say the last 12 months have been the best for me. I have sold more clothes on there then any where else and it’s easy to do.. if you know what you are doing.

If you are thinking of selling on eBay for the first time or are after some tips then keep reading as I share some tips and ticks that I have learned along the way.

What can I sale?

You can pretty much sale anything on eBay! I mainly sale clothes, kids toys, electronics and household items. Check out good house keeping website which shows you all the different items you can sale on eBay.

I sell a lot of clothes and they sale well.

How much shall I sell it for?

Research the item your selling, especially if it’s branded. Type into eBay the brand and item your selling and find out what has sold recently. That way you can find out a price.

Brand new items will always sell for more and 2nd hand for less. But depending on the condition you can make decent money.

If you have bought items to sell for profit then it’s very important you research your item to find out the correct price.

Not only can you under price your item you can also overprice it and that means it is less likely to sell.

For me, clothes sized UK 14 and over sale really well especially jeans and tops.

Auction or buy it now?

On eBay you can sell your items in two different styles.

Auction, where buyers will bid on your item or buy it now where you set a price and people can buy it straight away.

For me, low priced items sell better on auction especially if they gain a lot of interest. And branded items do well on buy it now.

Again do your research, find out how your item has sold before on eBay and this will help you decide.

I sale a lot of my 2nd hand clothes through auction, sometimes they can sale for £1 and other times a lot more. I put a shirt on a starting bid of 99p last week and the final auction was over £10 because it generated a lot of intrest.

What do I write in the description?

Your description of the item your selling is very important. It can be the difference between your item selling and not selling. It needs to be full of all the details of the item your selling.

When I sale clothes I try to include as many measurements as I can, leg length, sleeve length etc as you do find people will ask questions. I also include brand names as this is very important.

Image result for measuring clothes

You also need to include details about the condition and any damage. Any marks on the item you need to mention!

I once sold an item that had the smallest stain and it got sent back and I had to issue a refund. So I now take the time to check the items and write anything I see.

So take the time to write a detailed description of the item your selling.

How do I work out the postage?

Sending an item on eBay means you need to send the item yourself. It’s important to find out the cost of your postage as you can either overcharge or undercharge on it.

I send all my ebay items through Royal Mail and for me they are the best.

Due to the pandemic I have been using Royal Mail click and drop service, it’s brilliant if you sale clothes or any items you can put through a letter box.

To use this service you do need:

  • Printer (to print postage label)
  • Scales (I use kitchen scales for my clothes)
  • Paper

All you need to use this service is weigh your items in packaging and fill out the easy form on their site. I also use this service to determine how much I need to charge.

Image result for royal mail click and drop site

You can either post your items into your local postbox or drop it off to your local post office. Either way it works really well.

If you are selling items that require a tracking service you can still weigh and print the label off at home but you do need to take it to your post office to get the tracking number.

Another great feature of this service is you can get your parcels collected for 72p! We had a lot of Christmas presents to send off and our local post office was closed so we used this. For us it worked really well.

You can also use the “print postage label” option on ebay!

What should I send my items in?

If you are sending clothes I use some grey large letter bags that I buy off Amazon. (Check out this link) I find these to be the best ones they are durable.

Image result for posting clothes

They are also good for cuddly toys, games and books. If you are selling toys or big items then you do need boxes you can get these from your local supermarkets for free!

You will also need some good quality cello tape and packing tape to make sure your packaging stay together.

How do I take the best pictures?

It’s not only the description of the item that is going to help you sell it, it’s also the pictures. You need to make sure that your pictures are clear and have good lighting.

Take a picture of your item against a plain background (I use my bedroom door or living room wall). We all remember the lady who made headline news years ago for taking a picture of a item for ebay, next to a mirror which showed she had no clothes on!

This is one of my items! Its in natural light on a plain background!

So make sure you are only taking pictures of your item and nothing else!

Don’t take a picture of your item screwed up on a bed or even worse the floor!

I use my Iphone to take my pictures and for me they work well.

When you take pictures of your items you want to include:

  • Front and back image of item (especially if its clothes)
  • Picture of any labels
  • Picture of zips/ buttons
  • Picture of any damage/marks

I find the more images you have the better my items sale for!

What should my title say?

The title of the item you are selling should include key words such as:

  • Brand
  • Style (knee length dress, flared skirt etc)
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Occasion (Summer, winter, party, prom etc)

You have 80 characters so make sure you use them. But, you don’t need to put words like pretty or beautiful as people don’t search this.

Instead of having Pretty, nice dress size 12 as a title I would change this too Karen Millen Coral Knee Length Brand New Dress Size UK 12 (this is one of my items I am currently selling)

I have included the brand, style, condition and size of the dress.

Having a good title will help your items be seen and sale.

When should I sale my items?

Every 2 weeks (usually) ebay runs a £1 Max seller fees offer on a weekend. This means when you sale your item you will only pay a maximum fee off £1! This is great for high priced items!

Image result for online shopping

But, I would recommend starting your listings on a weekend and end on a Sunday night. This works really well for auctions. All my auction listings end on a Sunday night at 7pm, this seems to be when people do most of their online shopping.

It also means that you get paid the same time every week (if your buyers pay on time)

What fees do I need to pay?

Unfortunately, using ebay to sell your items you do have to pay seller fees.

Every month you are able to list 1,000 items for free before you pay any ‘listing fees’ (Check out this link to fund out more)

When you sale your item, ebay will take 10% of the final transaction value (this includes postage). So if you sale a item for £20 you will pay £2.

But like I mentioned before if you list your items during ebays max £1 seller fees you wont be charged much. If you sale an item for £100 that you listed during this weekend you will only pay £1 instead of £10! So it is well worth keeping an eye out for this.

Ebay have recently changed their payments for sellers. You can decide how and when you get paid. I have changed mine to be paid every Tuesday into my bank account rather then paypal.

(I haven’t used this method for very long so if I have to pay any more fees I will share it on my Instagram)

You can still receive your money through PayPal but you do have to pay fees which are 2.9% of payment received plus 30% transaction fees. (For more info click here)

So you do need to take this into account when you sale your items!

Image result for selling on ebay

I hope that this post has helped you understand a bit more about selling on ebay!

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