Book Review: 10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money

I am always finding ways to learn more about money and one way I do this is by reading. There are some fantastic books out there that can help you understand more.

So I was extremely excited when I was gifted a fabulous books called 10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money by the finance expert and international best seller Linda Davies.

From the minute I met Linda (through Zoom of course), I knew I was going to love this book, she made money and finance interesting and that I loved, I thought I was the only person who got excited about money but apparently not!

So, keep reading as I will be sharing my honest review of Linda Davies book 10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money.

Who is Linda Davies?

Linda is a bestselling author known for publishing Financial thrillers, as well as award winning adventure stories for children which has won Mal Peet Children’s Book of the year and has been shortlisted for many awards.

Linda has over 30 years’ experience in the world of money as a former investment banker. Linda also studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford University. From meeting Linda, I could tell that she is on a mission to empower people of all ages to learn what money really is and how it impacts our everyday life.

Using her insider knowledge, gained from her many years of experience Linda provides a entertaining journey through the world of money with this book and her personality shines through on every page.

Linda has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today, she quit her day job to take a chance on her book Nest of Vipers by pitching it to her agent. Well good job she did because she was offered a book deal that seen Nest of Vipers published in over 30 territories.

Since publishing Nest of Vipers, Linda Davies has gone on to publish eleven more books, six for adults and five for children, which collectively have sold millions of copies and won various awards.

So I think it is safe to say she is beyond qualified to talk about money!

What is 10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money about?

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money covers a wide range of topics from investing to gambling and the key differences between them. It also covers how important it is to educate children about money. This is something I am deeply passionate about, there needs to be more education for children when it comes to money and for me this book is the best place to start.

What I love about this book is that anyone can read this, whether you are 15, 30 or 65 there is something for everyone to learn about in this book.

I even managed to get my 19-year-old sister to read a few chapters and she loved it!

This book also shares some pretty shocking statics such as how we view money as such a taboo subject.

Some 50 per cent of UK adults believe that talking about personal money matters is a taboo in everyday conversation.

10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money Page 83

As someone who loves to talk about money this shocked me, but throughout this book Linda explains perfectly why people are still worried talking about their finances.

“It’s about time we started talking about money. It’s an international language, and everyone needs to speak it better. Now it is more important than ever to focus on money matters and talk about them, this pandemic has affected not just our physical and mental health, but also our financial health. It has left some of us more reliant on debt, while others find themselves with unexpected savings that need to be invested wisely. I aim to empower readers across the financial spectrum with my new book.”  Linda Davies.

Money is a mystery to us all but after reading this book I am starting to understand more about its power and most importantly its power over us.

There are also some humorous illustrations by the fabulous painter and cartoonist Nick Bashall which adds so much character to the chapters.

When is this book available to buy?

10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money is available for pre order now, and it is released in June 2021.

Click this link to pre order:

The cost of this book is £12.99 (currently on special buy on Amazon) which is very affordable for the information you are getting!

Why did Linda want to create this book?

Linda is on a mission to empower everyone to learn what money really is, including how global financial systems impact our everyday lives, and how to master money so it does not master us.

And I believe with this book she has done just that; I feel much more empowered after reading all 10 chapters.
I now know more about investing and how I can teach my children in the future about money.

Final review

My final review is… you need to get this book! I cannot recommend it enough, I finished it in 3 days because I just could not put it down.

The amount of information in this book may seem overwhelming but the way Linda and illustrator Nick has presented it makes it so easy to understand.

I do not like reading books that are complicated, and this book is not that, the information is easy to understand so you can put what you have learned into action.

It was an honour to get to know Linda, she truly is an inspiring woman and meeting her has inspired me to keep going helping people look after their money. And to be one of the first people to read this awesome people is a complete honour.

If you are interested in getting this book, follow this link which will take you to Amazon where you can pre order it: >

Also please make sure you check out Linda on her socials:

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Linda’s website: You can subscribe to her website for blogs, news and events!

Thank you once again to Linda and her team for gifting me this incredible book.

How to get your bank statements mortgage ready.

This may seem like a odd title for a blog post but it is so important you understand how to get your bank accounts ready for mortgage applications.

When you apply for a mortgage you will need to provide at least 3 months worth of “clean” bank statements to your lender. Your lender will check these bank statements for any unusual activity and check that your are eligible to get a mortgage.

There are lots of things that can hinder your chances of lenders giving you a mortgage.

So if you are starting the moving process or wanting to find out more then keep reading as I share a few ways to get ready!

*Everything written in this blog is informative and not actual advice please consult a mortgage advisor*

Pay all your bills on time

This is a given, paying your bills on time will show the banks that you are able to keep up with payments.

Failing to pay your bills on time can show lenders that you are not able to keep up with payments. A missed- payment default counts against you for at least a year!

If you are struggling to pay your bills perhaps you need to take a look at your budget and ways in which you can reduce your outgoings.

Cut back on spending

This may sound simple but it is actually really hard to do. Cutting back on spending is crucial to making your bank statements look better.

Lenders will check to see if your income matches what’s on your payslips/ bank statements and examine your recent spending. If your spending exceeds your income, this could be one of the reasons why you will not get accepted for a mortgage.

Creating a budget and sticking to that budget will help you, reducing your spending will in turn reduce your outgoings. Showing lenders that you can afford to pay your mortgage payments each month.

Stay out of your overdraft

If you are constantly using your overdraft this could show lenders that you are living beyond your means.

It has been reported that some lenders will not tolerate you if you have been in your overdraft the last 3 months.

So try to budget correctly and not use that overdraft as this can seriously affect your mortgage application.

Stop gambling online

This is a massive no no! Having gambling transactions from online bingo sites, betting shops etc can seriously hinder your application.

A lot of lenders will see these transactions as suspicious and question you about it.

A friend of mine had one transaction of £50 for online bingo and her lender questioned her about it.

So do try and avoid using gambling services in the 3 months leading up to you applying for a mortgage.

I hope this information helps you become mortgage ready dont forget to consult with a mortgage advisor for more information.

How to talk to your partner about money

Talking about money can be difficult for anyone but talking to your partner can be so difficult.

Many people are scared to talk about their debt or lack of savings with their partner out of fear or shame.

I was the same, I was so worried telling my partner about my finances, my lack of savings and my total debt. We were discussing about the possibility of us living together and I did not want him to think any less of me. But once I take that step it was a weight off my mind, we are now so honest with each other about money.

So I will be sharing how to talk to your partner in detail about your finances.

Make time for “the talk”

It is so easy to say we are busy so we don’t have time to have ” the chat”. But not talking about your finances early on can cause problems in the long run.

Now, I don’t mean on your first date getting your bank statements out and telling all, but once the relationship starts to get serious and talks of the future happen this is the best time.

According to Business Insider talking about money early on is crucial and can make or break a relationship.

Be honest!

Don’t do what I did and lie about your finances or hide the real truth. Be completely honest, own it! This is the first step in owning up to your past mistakes and moving forward.

Not only will it help you are your partner grow as a couple, it will help you on your journey as well. The moment I told my boyfriend about my finances, I felt relief, that I was finally admitting I needed to change.

Create a money goal together

Once we had a conversation about our finances, we then decided to work together. We have worked together for the last 3 years to increase our savings.

We motivate each other, every month we keep each other in check and work together.

Creating a joint goal has made this financial journey slightly easier, as I have someone to talk to, someone who is going through the same thing.

So why not create a goal together? Work towards the same goal and motivate each other.

Don’t let money take over your relationship

Money is the most common cause of rows in relationships but do not let it take over your life.

I love talking about fiances but my boyfriend and I do not let it take over our relationship. We check in with each other once a month and that is it. Doing it this way has allowed us to not be consumed by money.

I hope this post has given you some tips to discuss money with your partner.