Paid online surveys apps (Side Hustle)

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In this post I will be talking about paid online survey apps that I use for my side hustle income.

Not sure what a side hustle is? Check out my post from yesterday where I explain all.

Why do I use online survey apps?

I use online survey apps to earn some extra money that I can add towards my moving house savings.

I do online surveys at different times throughout my day, I even do some whilst I’m at work on my break. For me its an easier way to earn extra cash whilst going about my everyday life.

Survey apps that I use:

I use many different apps, in fact I have 21 apps downloaded on my phone to help me earn extra money. I know a bit excessive!

But some of these apps take too long to earn a decent amount of money for me to be able to cash out. So I made a list on my top 5 apps that I use daily and that allows me to cash out after only earning a couple of pounds.

I have added links so that you can check them out if you wish. I have never had to pay a penny to use any of these companies for downloading them. They pay you by transferring the money into a PayPal account, so if you do not have one I would get one as you need it in order to be paid.

The downside of survey apps:

Unfortunately, with every good point about survey apps there are some bad points.

A lot of these apps can decline you from taking part in surveys, it took me a few weeks to even be accepted for a survey. But I stuck with it and now I am earning more money then ever. My advise would be check in a few times a day, when you first download the apps and you will start to get accepted.

If you rush through the questions in the survey it will decline you as well, take a little bit of time when answering the questions as they do monitor the way you answer.

There may be times when your job title, age, gender, spending habits etc may not be what that survey requires. So they will decline you, but do not worry the app will update itself and will make sure that in future it asks you questions related to your life.

Is it worth doing paid surveys?

I love doing paid surveys, on my nights off I sit with a glass of wine, whilst watching TV and I answer some question whilst relaxing. Sometimes I do them for a few hours and other times I only do an hour a day. For me it is worth spending the time doing them as its extra money towards my house deposit savings.

‘DISCLAIMER’ you are not going to earn hundreds of pounds doing these paid surveys as some websites suggest. Most apps/sites pay 50p to £1 per survey, depending on the length you can earn much more. In a month I can earn an extra £50 -£100 depending on how much time I have invested completing them.

So if online paid surveys sound like something you would like to try, click on the links attached to each app and download them and give them a go! What have you got to loose?

I hope this post has explained a little bit more about how I use surveys to help me save money.

As always if you have any questions please ask 🙂

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What are Side Hustles? Find out how they can change the way you save.

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Have you ever heard the term Side Hustle? Not sure what it means?

If you are paying of debt or saving for something special and you need that extra bit of cash to help side hustles may be the thing you need. Keep reading this post as I explain all about side hustles and why I love them so much.

What does Side Hustle mean?

A side hustle is any earnings made outside of your everyday employment.

If you do the occasional babysitting along side your everyday job. And you earn money,this is classed as your side hustle as its not a regular income, its a job you do on the side.

Having a side hustle is a great way to gain an extra income, I have had a side hustle for 3- 6 months and I love it. Any money I earn I put into my savings as well as the money from my day to day income.

What are Side Hustles?

Side hustles can be anything, from picking up extra hours at work, to even getting a second job. I have made a list of the most common side hustles.

  • Babysitting
  • Cleaning
  • Reselling (Ebay and online)
  • Extra hours at work
  • A second Job
  • Paid online Surveys

There are many more out there that you can do.

For my side hustle I complete online paid surveys and I also do reselling on Ebay.

I have downloaded many apps for my side hustle, I check in every day and answer questions. Sometimes I only earn £5 a day but other times I earn £20 a day. Online surveys is a great side hustle for people that may not have time to invest in another job eg stay at home parents.

How can I use them to save more money?

So your probably wondering how you can use your side hustles to save more money or even pay of debt. Any money you earn, even if its only £10 put that towards your debt payment, or save it. The choice is yours. Whatever your goals are use this extra money as a way get closer to reaching your financial goals.

What is the best Side hustle for me?

As you can see there are lots of different side hustles you can do. But you need to pick something you can invest some time in. I was worried that doing a side hustle would get in the way of my job.But on my days off when I am at home I sit for a few hours with a cup of tea and biscuits and answer some surveys. When I do reselling on Ebay I only list and source items on my days off, as it shouldn’t effect your everyday job.

When deciding on what to choose for your side hustle I would first start with selling any items that you have at home, that you no longer use. This is where most people make extra money from selling there unwanted items. Do you have a pretty dress in your wardrobe that you have never worn? Sell it!

When I first learnt about side hustles, I decided to sell most of my wardrobe. My wardrobe was a mess, I had so many clothes that i did not wear and they were just hanging there collecting dust. In my first month selling all my unwanted clothes, handbags and shoes I made £150. Which was a real shock! That money went straight into my savings.

Are side hustles for me?

If you have spare time to invest in a side hustle I would really recommend having one. Its a really great way to earn some extra money on your days off or in your spare time. Since starting my side hustle I have made and extra £300, this money has really helped me get closer and closer to my goals. Even though you want to pay of your debt or save quickly, you still need to rest, so take your time with a side hustle. Do not rush it, do not burn yourself out.

I hope that this post gives you a better understanding of side hustles and how you can use them to achieve your financial goals.

If you have any questions please ask 🙂

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Sinking Funds- What are they?

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

In this post I will be talking about sinking funds, and how I use them within my budget.

I have known about sinking funds for the last 9 months, and I now use them within my budget to save money. But before I get into how and why I use them, I should probably explain a little bit more about what they are.

A sinking fund is simply a strategic way to save money by setting aside a little bit each month.

A sinking fund is simply a way to save little amounts of money over time. I use them as a way to save for a variety of events throughout the year, for example birthday’s, Christmas and holidays etc.

You can also use sinking funds to save for bigger purchases such as a new car, new furniture or any household items. If you own your own home, I would advise having a sinking fund for house maintenance in case of any unexpected problems. For example your heating breaks down, you will need to pay for this to be repaired which could cost thousands of pounds which you do not have. But if you start to save money for these types of situations there will be no panic about how to pay for it.

I have found this method to really work for me. I have the money I need for each event which means I do not have to touch my general spending cash envelope.

What can I use a sinking fund for?

You can use a sinking fund for anything from saving for someones birthday, to saving for a new car. A sinking fund is a saving for anything that isn’t in your monthly budget.

The most common sinking fund is a Christmas fund. How much money do you spend at Christmas? Can you afford to spend this amount of money all in one go? If the answer is no then you should start a Christmas sinking fund.

Make a plan in January and work out how much money you need to save eg £500. If you start your Christmas shopping in November that gives you 11 months to save money for Christmas.

So on average you need to put away £45 each month away to reach your goal of £500.

Putting this amount of money away may seem slightly nerve wracking but when you are able to do your Christmas shopping in November without using your monthly spending allowance it feels amazing. This also allows you not to tun out of money in January as so many people do.

So how does sinking funds work?

At the beginning of the year, make a list of things you would like to save for:

  • Family, friends Birthdays
  • Any special events (Anniversary, weddings, Christmas etc)
  • Holidays (Big holidays that require a lot of savings)
  • Yearly payments (Bills that can be paid yearly if you wish)
  • House Maintenance (redecorating, DIY,house repairs etc)
  • Car maintenance (MOT, new tyres, car repairs etc)

Decide how much money you would like to save in a year then work out how much money you will need to save each month.

If you have a sinking fund for house maintenance, class this as an emergency fund and put as much money into this as possible.

Cash envelopes or Savings accounts?

You can keep your sinking funds in many ways, cash envelopes or in savings accounts.

I keep most of my sinking funds as cash envelopes, but my car maintenance is in a bank account as sometimes I may have to pay by card for any repairs.

Its up to you how you store your sinking funds, just remember if its cash envelopes keep them lock away in a safe.

Overall Sinking funds are a great way to save money throughout the year at a reasonable pace. I love having sinking funds as they have made my budgeting journey so much easier because I do not need to panic about paying for upcoming birthday’s or Christmas.

I hope that this information about sinking funds will help you save money towards your goals.

As always if you have any questions please ask 🙂

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