How to prepare your budget for end of lockdown!

Finally we can see signs that lockdown is hopefully over, but if your like me maybe you are worried about your finances and how they might take a hit once things open back up again.

I have been able to save money each month due to the UK being shut down, not going to the pub, cinemas etc. But after June everything opens!

So in this blog post I will be sharing the steps I am taking to prepare myself and my finances for the end of lockdown!

Planning ahead

I am already getting my budget ready for the end of lockdown. But for me this starts a little bit earlier in May.

I should (hopefully) be back to work full time in May which means my pay will increase and my expenses will increase such as petrol and food. So I am using the next few weeks to get myself ready.

But how am I doing this? I am planning, planning my weeks to make sure I have the money I need.

  • I have saved over £100 to cover the cost of new uniform and petrol
  • I will be increasing my expenses to cover the cost of meal prepping
  • I am planning for any upcoming expenses such as birthdays

I am doing all the above to make sure my budget is ready.

I am also making sure to budget myself some fun money, my boyfriend and I are living apart so we haven’t had a proper date in 12 months. So yes I will be saving money to have a few drinks and enjoy ourselves.

Tracking Spending

I will be tracking my spending every day/week so that I have complete control over my spending. That way I will know if I need to increase or decrease my expenses.

I will be tracking my spending through my bank account and using my spending tracker.

Click on this link to get this tracker yourself!

Saving money

Saving money is paramount to me, so I will be side hustling as much as I can to save money to cover expenses.

Because I am tracking my spending I will have a better understanding of my expenses, which means I will be able to plan how much money I can save.

These are the 3 main things that I am doing to prepare for the end of lockdown and for me this works its simple and manageable.

What about you? How are you preparing for the end of lockdown?

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