How I save over £500 a month for a house deposit

I get so many questions about my savings journey and how I can earn just over the minimum wage and still save over £500 a month.

In this blog post I am going to share a few things I have done in order to save this money and get me to where I am today.

Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a money saving expert, this is what I have done in order to save me money. I hope this can help you!


I have spent so much time researching budgets and ways in which I can maximise my savings. I made so many mistakes along the way and it has taken me a long time to almost perfect my budget.

When I first discovered budgets and different methods I decided to do the cash envelope method, this worked brilliantly for me as it allowed me to reduce my spending each month and save for Christmas, Birthdays and other social occasions throughout the year. (Check out this blog post where I share different types of Budget methods> What is the best budgeting method for you)

I done this method for 1 year and then I discovered Monzo, it changed my budget and my life. I was able to do the cash envelope method but online. I am able to have so many sinking funds to help me save for everything I need in the year.

Researching what method worked best for me and how I was going to do it made a difference to my budget, it has allowed me to understand my finances more and work hard towards my goals.

Side Hustle

In order to save some extra money I have been side hustling. I have been answering surveys online, taking part in product reviews and selling my unwanted items online.

I do this in my spare time which allows me to earn extra money alongside my full time job. Some months I can earn £50 and some months I can only earn £10. But it is a great way to earn some extra money.

Do you have a special talent? Are you good at crafts? Why not make something and sell it online to earn extra cash.

Check my spending

I needed to figure out where my money was going and what I needed to do in order to reduce it. The first thing I done was a trail month. I continued my normal monthly spending and tracked everything.

In doing this it allowed me to to see where my money was going and it was on eating out, food for work and buying clothes that I did not need.

After my trial month I worked on reducing my spending. I started to meal prep, save money towards any unnecessary spending.

Before starting a budget I would recommend doing a trail month and track everything, this was a real eye opener and allowed me to understand where my money was going.

Cancelled anything unused

Cancelling any subscriptions that are not being used is the best place to start. This will help you save some extra cash and reduce your bills.

Back in 2018 I was spending hundreds of pounds on entertainment subscriptions that I hadn’t used for months. This money was being wasted each month on something that I wasn’t using.

So I cancelled them! My new motto is if I haven’t used for a month I don’t need it. I most recently got rid of Spotify as I had not used it for so long.

Create my budget

So I have removed any unused subscriptions, reviewed my spending, got the method that works for me its time to create my budget.

I use the zero based budget method which means every penny I spent gets used. This method has worked really well for me and my finances. It has given me the control I need over my spending and saving and I have never looked back.


And last but not least spend time at the end of your month, or the day before your next payday to review. Review your savings, you spending, What went well and what didn’t.

Is there something that has gone wrong? Did you over spend on something and under spend on another? Spend the time to really look at your budget as you will make mistakes.

And its all about learning, and learning from your mistakes. My budget changes each month especially if something has gone wrong.

On average I save £500- £800 per month (depending on overtime) and this is due to me using all of these tips.

What do you do each month to help you save money? Let me know in the comments below!

Hannah xxx

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