How we are saving £30,000 for a 15% house deposit

If you have been following me for a while then you will know that my boyfriend and I are saving £30,00 for a house deposit which is roughly 15%. We are so close to reaching out goal by the end of this month November, we will have saved over £30,000!

Saving this amount of money has not been easy so I thought I would share a few tips and tricks we have learned along the way to share with you! I will be sharing how to have cheap dates, holiday’s and how I have meal prepped in order to save every penny I can.

So keep reading to find out more.


Dating can be expensive and being on a budget can make this difficult. So my boyfriend and I have found many ways in which we can still have fun whilst saving money.

  • Find offers online to save money at restaurants and this has helped massively.
  • Free dates (exercising/ finding free tickets)
  • Nights in (movie nights/games night)
  • Picnic (Weather permitting)

I have done many posts on how to date and keep the cost down. Check out this post How to keep the romance alive whilst on a budget. I share some cheap date ideas.


We decided to not go on big expensive holidays last year and this year. Obviously this year we were unable to go away due to Covid-19. But we do still go away for a few days, we use and I have an account which allows me to get money of weekend aways.

Not only do we save money using this site we also get to explore the UK before we explore the rest of the world.

We usually go away 3 times a year to different places around the UK and on average this cost us £100 each.

We always find cheap activities to do whilst we are away and the same with any meals.

Meal prep:

Since we decided that we wanted to save this amount of money I decided I would do my best to save money where I can. And one of my biggest expenses was food, especially when I was working.

So I decided to meal prep and this has saved me so much money! I spend £10-£20 on food per week and this is for my meal prepping only. On average I used to spend £10 per day x 5 days a week = £50 per week and over a month this was £200 a month on just meals for work. And this isn’t including trips to coffee shops and snacks!

I cannot recommend meal prepping enough if you need to save money. Not only does it allow me to save money, I am eating better and I have hardly any food waste which is a win win!


Spending money is something I am very good at, or rather something I WAS very good at. My spending was out of control I could waste money like no tomorrow. But now I have a lot more control.

I plan my months, I make sure that I have all the money I need for different events. I save for any special occasions months in advance which means I do not over spend.

Now I budget myself £100 which will last me a month, this money is used for dates eating out and fun. I am more sensible now, and because of that I am able to do more. I am able to go out and enjoy time with friends because I have saved money for it.


The biggest thing I have done in order to save money was reduce the amount of money I spend on my bills.

I have spent a long time reducing the cost of car insurance, I use comparison sites to help me get the best deal, I use cashback sites to earn money on my bills. This year I worked really hard to save money for a years worth of car insurance which saved me hundreds of pounds.

This means next year I will not need to pay monthly for my car insurance saving me £70 a month!

This is just some of the things that we have done in order to save money, we have had to make some sacrifice in our relationships but it has been so worth it. To think that this time next year, we will hopefully be able to buy our own home and start our life together.

If you are saving for a house deposit how have you done? How are you saving money? Let me know in the comments below.

Hannah xx

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