How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them

I get so many questions on Instagram asking me how I create goals and how I stick to them. In this blog post I will be sharing a few top tips to help you complete your goals in the most effective way

What is your goal?

This may sound like a simple question but what is your goal? Are you buying a new home and want to save enough money for a deposit? Or are you paying off debt?

Having a goal is a great tool for motivation it also gives you a long term and short term vision and give you a sense of pride and self achievement.

Whatever your goal is you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of what it is and how you will complete it.

For me, my goal is to save £10,000 by my last pay day of the year which is the end of December, this is my main goal but I also have smaller goal such as saving for a new car, a years car insurance etc.

In order for me to complete this goal I break it down, and I will show you how to do this.

When are you going to achieve this?

In order to create a plan on how to complete your goal(s), you need to create a time frame that is realistic.

If you want to save £30,000 in 1 year but you only earn £15,000 a year then this seems unrealistic so you need to make it realistic for you.

How to Reach Your Financial Goals... 1 Day at a Time - Due

There are many factors you need to think about.

  • Pay days (How many Paydays do you have and how many will you need)
  • Time (Do you need to work extra hours at work? Will you have time)
  • Budget (Do you need to change your budget? Add or take away things)
  • Income (Do you need to increase your income? How are you going to do this)

For my goal I worked out how many paydays I have in the year (13 paydays) and I knew I needed to change up my budget.

I increased my hours at work, I also reduced what I was spending and I worked on reducing my monthly bills. Doing the above has really helped me maximise my savings.

I set myself this goal in September 2019 -December 2020 which is over a year to save this amount of money, and I am so close to reaching this goal. I currently have £8,740.67 saved!!

Do your goals fit in with your budget?

When I first created this my main goal of saving £10,000 in just over a year I knew I needed to change my budget. My bills were to high and my spending was getting out of hand.

Budget 2020: Your essential guide to Rishi Sunak's debut - BBC News

So I had to change my budget, I had to find ways to reduce my bills and maximize my savings.

Break it down to monthly goals.

I broke down my big goal by monthly goals, each month I would set myself a goal of saving a certain amount.

For me this worked so well as I was able to feel more accomplished each month rather then looking to far in the future.

Keep reviewing your goals!

You need to review your goals!

I review my main goals every 6 months, this gives me enough time to to work out what has gone wrong, and what I need to to in order to achieve my goal in the last 6 months of the year.

I hope this post helps you create some fantastic goals!

What are your top tips for creating a goal? Let me know in the comments!

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