AD: Why you need Fantasy Invest in your life!

I am very pleased to share my collaboration with the fabulous team over at Fantasy Invest.

Fantasy Invest is an app that allows its users to explore the Stock Market as a game! You can win some fabulous prizes, test your insights, complete with friends and rise on the leader board.

I have loved playing this game over the last few weeks, it is a lot of fun and education and even better its risk free!

How does this app work?

So I bet your wondering how this app works. Well I am here to tell you!

You have a chance to win Fantasy Coins in every game you play. The better your portfolio performs, the more coins you get.

You can redeem Fantasy Coins for awesome prizes: certificates, gadgets and more.

You can take part in a daily, no commitment game, you need to pick 5 companies to add to your portfolio every player can win coins which means you can win even if the market is crashing.

  1. Pick 5 companies that will grow most in a day
  2. Score big and win Fantasy Coins
  3. Redeem your Fantasy Coins for cool prizes!

So pick 5 companies in the morning and then check back in the afternoon to see how you have done!

Do I need to pay for this app?

The app is free to download and use, however you can purchase “liquids” which allows you to enter paid contests.

But the daily competitions are free!

Is there any risk?

There is 100% no risk, this game is all about fun and learning more about the stock market without losing your hard earned cash.

It is also very exciting learning each day which one of your chosen companies is going to win you some Fantasy Coins!

With Fantasy Invest you do not need to buy real stocks, you can learn the ropes and start investing for real.

On this amazing app there is also a tab which allows you to read exciting stock news free of charge!

Why should I play this game?

You should definitely play this game if you are interested in learning more about investing and the stock market.

I personally love this game because I am able to find out more about investing and the stock market without losing any money. It is also great to see which companies are performing best in the stock market at that time.

It is also great fun taking part in the daily games and competing to be at the top off the leader board!

So if you are like me interested in Investing but not sure where to start? Then check out this amazing app, play daily and learn all about the stock market without spending a penny!

This app is available on the App store and Google play. Click on the link bellow to download it!

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