What I have stopped buying in order to save money

Since being on a budget I have stopped buying so many items in order to save money but I thought I would share the top 5 things that has helped me save some extra cash.

Back in 2018 I was wasting so much money on these 5 things and only saving £50 a month, that I knew needed to change. So in this post I will be sharing what I have stopped buying in order to save money and how I have reduced the cost of these items if I still use them.

Meals for work:

I work full time and they are shifts, so I could work early in the morning or late at night. This means that sometimes I need two meals at work which can cost a lot of money. Before I started learning about money and how I can save it I was buying microwave meals, takeaways and lots of snacks.

On average I was spending £200 a month on food for work which over a year works out to be £2,400 on just food! Which is terrible. Not only was this money bad for my health it was also damaging to my bank balance.

So I decided to learn how to meal prep to save some cash. And it is the best thing I have done, I am eating better and my bank balance is looking healthier.

Meal prepping is an amazing way to eat better, save time and money. Twice a week I spend a few hours cooking all sorts of meals for that week. I make breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack pots. I spend on average £10- £20 on healthy ingredients and I make enough food to last over a week.

I will be sharing a post very soon on my top tips when it comes to meal prepping!

Expensive makeup:

I cant believe the money I used to spent on makeup when I was on a low income. I used to buy expensive makeup products and hardly use them.

But since being on a budget I have made some changes, I still buy makeup but I have changed the products I use and where I buy them from.

I now shop around, look out for offers and also free samples. I once received free samples of lipstick, mascara and eyeliner that lasted me over 6 months which saved me a lot of money.

I still treat myself to beauty products as I like to look nice, but I am sensible I only buy when I really need to and I shop around for the best offers I can find.

Hair dressers:

I love my hair and I used to spend a lot of money on hair cuts and highlights in order to keep it looking great. But I was spending on average £50 a month, which over a year equates to £600.

I have spent the last year researching how to trim my hair and maintain a style which has saved me hundreds. I now go to the hairdressers once a year for a style change and cut it myself the rest of the year.

I also learned how to dye my own hair, which costs me £10 a time, I have a lot of hair so I need to use two box dyes. But on average 1 box of hair dye cots £5. This has saved me nearly £500 a year!

Nights out:

I am not a huge social butterfly but I do like a night out. And back in 2018 I was spending so much money on trips to the pub after work that was ruining my budget. I never set myself a budget and I used to spend money I didn’t really have, I could spend up to £80 a night just drinking and eating in a pub.

I have now stopped spending this amount of money. I still go out however I set myself a limit depending on where I go. Usually I spend less then £30 a night and this does include travel. More often then not I car share with someone, or if its local to me I walk home.

Have you heard of a thing called “pre drinks” well I do that as well! If I am going out to have a few drinks I do drink at home to save some extra pennies.

I am in my 20’s so I do like to enjoy myself but it is all about being sensible.

Buying clothes:

I love clothes and I used to love buying them but on average I was buying clothes from online stores. I could spend £50 -£100 a week buying new clothes for nights outs, dates and all manner of events and it was ruining my finances.

I now buy 2nd hand clothes for every day wear and I also limit myself the amount of times I buy clothes throughout the year. At the beginning of the year and the end of the year I will spend £100 on clothes that will last me throughout the year. I also make sure that I shop around for discounts and sale items to try and keep the cost down.

I have also unsubscribed from all online clothes stores so I am not tempted by their offers. If I need clothes I will search online for sales and discount codes.

A quick disclaimer, just because I do not use these items or don’t like spending a certain amount of money on something it doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Everyone has a different situation and for me these were the 5 things that I was wasting money on.

I hope this post has given you some food for thought and maybe inspires you to change your budget in order to save money.

What have you stopped using since being on a budget? Do you miss it? Let me know in the comments!

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