What are Side Hustles? Find out how they can change the way you save.

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Have you ever heard the term Side Hustle? Not sure what it means?

If you are paying of debt or saving for something special and you need that extra bit of cash to help side hustles may be the thing you need. Keep reading this post as I explain all about side hustles and why I love them so much.

What does Side Hustle mean?

A side hustle is any earnings made outside of your everyday employment.

If you do the occasional babysitting along side your everyday job. And you earn money,this is classed as your side hustle as its not a regular income, its a job you do on the side.

Having a side hustle is a great way to gain an extra income, I have had a side hustle for 3- 6 months and I love it. Any money I earn I put into my savings as well as the money from my day to day income.

What are Side Hustles?

Side hustles can be anything, from picking up extra hours at work, to even getting a second job. I have made a list of the most common side hustles.

  • Babysitting
  • Cleaning
  • Reselling (Ebay and online)
  • Extra hours at work
  • A second Job
  • Paid online Surveys

There are many more out there that you can do.

For my side hustle I complete online paid surveys and I also do reselling on Ebay.

I have downloaded many apps for my side hustle, I check in every day and answer questions. Sometimes I only earn £5 a day but other times I earn £20 a day. Online surveys is a great side hustle for people that may not have time to invest in another job eg stay at home parents.

How can I use them to save more money?

So your probably wondering how you can use your side hustles to save more money or even pay of debt. Any money you earn, even if its only £10 put that towards your debt payment, or save it. The choice is yours. Whatever your goals are use this extra money as a way get closer to reaching your financial goals.

What is the best Side hustle for me?

As you can see there are lots of different side hustles you can do. But you need to pick something you can invest some time in. I was worried that doing a side hustle would get in the way of my job.But on my days off when I am at home I sit for a few hours with a cup of tea and biscuits and answer some surveys. When I do reselling on Ebay I only list and source items on my days off, as it shouldn’t effect your everyday job.

When deciding on what to choose for your side hustle I would first start with selling any items that you have at home, that you no longer use. This is where most people make extra money from selling there unwanted items. Do you have a pretty dress in your wardrobe that you have never worn? Sell it!

When I first learnt about side hustles, I decided to sell most of my wardrobe. My wardrobe was a mess, I had so many clothes that i did not wear and they were just hanging there collecting dust. In my first month selling all my unwanted clothes, handbags and shoes I made £150. Which was a real shock! That money went straight into my savings.

Are side hustles for me?

If you have spare time to invest in a side hustle I would really recommend having one. Its a really great way to earn some extra money on your days off or in your spare time. Since starting my side hustle I have made and extra £300, this money has really helped me get closer and closer to my goals. Even though you want to pay of your debt or save quickly, you still need to rest, so take your time with a side hustle. Do not rush it, do not burn yourself out.

I hope that this post gives you a better understanding of side hustles and how you can use them to achieve your financial goals.

If you have any questions please ask 🙂

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Hannah xxx

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